editorial: clean act

September 9, 2014

As promised, here is my first ever editorial!

For our assignment, we were asked to do an editorial which reflects our aesthetic (that we said on the class). Mine was basic, minimal and clean. I hope this spread represents that well.

Photography and styling: Hannah Bagain
Model: Nicole Limpin
Clothes: Stylist's own

We shot this at our subdivision and the model is actually my cousin! I wanted to keep everything light—revolving around the colors white, blue, and gray. I wanted to center on the durability of denim too. Just because a thing is basic doesn't mean it's boring.

I'm glad that this spread garnered praise from the entire class and our instructor. How about you? What do you think?

new phase

August 25, 2014

Greetings! Oh God, I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. It's true what they say: time flies. The first quarter of this year was mostly me spending the last days of my college life. Then I bummed out the entire summer. It was a necessary move because I needed to stop and think. I needed the quiet. I needed the space. I needed the time.

Another reason for my unintended hiatus: lack of camera equipment. My brother flew off to San Francisco last February and he took the camera with him. (The most irritating thing about this is: after a month, he bought a new one. WTF really?) He comes back next year. So basically I have no way of taking outfit shots. Or even just pictures. I'm sure you know by now how picky I am with photo quality when I'm posting it on the blog. On the other side, the lack of a proper camera ignited my love for instagram. Follow me @hannahbagain!

As for career paths...

The magazine/publishing industry has always been appealing to me and I'm trying to work my way towards it. I'm currently enrolled at SoFA for Fashion Styling. I'm actually reviving this blog because I want a place where I can post my fashion styling progress. It's exciting—on our first week our assignment was to do a fashion editorial!

I'm also planning to take workshops/courses on writing. I want to learn as much as I can. I know this is a very unorthodox decision but I figured I must do it while I'm still young. I can always go back to my major if this doesn't work out. (But I'm really, really hoping that it does.)

Here's to new phases and big changes!

school girl

January 15, 2014

So into dresses lately. I love wearing them with boots and sneakers for that tomboy effect. If I'm feeling extra girly though, I pair them with ballet flats or kitten heels. Also, look at my cat photobombing.

Follow me on instagram: @hannahbagain. I'm more active there :)

(Mango sweater / Forever 21 dress / Landmark sneakers / Stradivarius bag)

wine red

January 10, 2014

Another post? *gasp* Why yes! One resolution this year is to pay more attention to this blog. Hopefully I will update more often and produce more quality posts.

Online shopping will be the death of my wallet. I never thought I'd patronize this kind of shopping as I'm very keen on details and such. But I just can't stop!!! The sad reality though is there will be times when the things you bought look so much better on pictures or you'll be underwhelmed by the quality or you'll be disappointed with the fit (even if you asked for the exact measurements). So glad that this cardigan is a very stellar buy at a very affordable price.

(Soleilmnl maroon knitted cardigan / Nava lace top / Forever 21 faux leather shorts / Leaveland boots)